Here are a few blogs I find fascinating, helpful, or just plain fun. Enjoy!


Mental Health Blogs


The Amazing World of Psychiatry (Dr. Justin Marley)

Bipolar and Breastless (survivor55)

Bipolar Burble (Natasha Tracy)

Breaking the Cycles (Lisa Frederiksen)

Crazy in a Crazy World (Annabelle R. Charbit, Ph.D.)

Funny in the Head (Alistair McHarg)

Give It a Thought (David Duane Wilson)

The Hurt Healer (Carolyn Hughes)

ISEPP Chronicles

Just Rollin' with Anxiety (Mikie Miller)

The Mindstorm: Raising A Mentally Ill Child (Chrisa Hickey)

The MisAdventures of a Bipolar Girl (Bekr)

My Message (Erica DiCarlo)

The Plucky Procrastinator (Dina Marie)

Sober Rants in Skinny Pants (Amy Oathout)

Weathering the Storm: Overcoming Bipolar Disorder (Kait)



Motherhood/Postpartum Blogs


Enjoying the Small Things (Kelle Hampton)

Finding Joy in Motherhood (Stacey Keller Thompson)

Funny Postpartum Lady (Liz)

Hands-free Mother (Rachel Macy Stafford)

Happy meets Crazy (Cheryl Savage)

My Life in the Nutt House

Or So She Says... (Mariel Wangsgard)

The Organised Housewife (Katrina)

Postpartum Progress (Katherine Stone)

Rage Against the Minivan (Kristen Howerton)


Faith-based Blogs


Christian Bookwork Reviews

Gregory A. Johnson

OSV Daily Take

Premodern Wisdom for Postmodern Times (Martin Pierce)

Real Intent

Til Dawn Comes (Pamela Thorson)

To Everyone That Believeth (Amy)


Just Plain Fun Blogs


Life and Lims (Cathy Carmode Lim)

Jeff's Thoughts and Stories (Jeff Stockett)

No Leftovers Tonight (Livinitup)

Should be Reading (MizB)

Single Dad Laughing (Dan Pearce)

Blogs Galore

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